Computer GK Himachal Pradesh Exam

Computer GK For JOA Examinations Very Important Questions

2. The process of keeping addresses in memory for future use is called___

  • Routing
  • Resolving
  • Caching
  • None of the above

3. The server on the internet is also known as a_____

  • Hub
  • Host
  • Gateway
  • Repeater

6. The first network that planted the seeds of internet was :

11. Website is a collection of ____

  • HTML Documents
  • Graphic files
  • Audio and Video files
  • All of above

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol .

There are 5 Generation of computer available till now.

1st Generation of computer – 1946 to 1959 Vacuum Tube based.

2nd Generation of computer – 1959-1965  Transistor Based.

3rd Generation of computer – 1965-1971 Integrated circuit based.

4th Generation of computer – 1971-1980 VLSI microprocessor based.

5th Generation of computer –  The period of 5th generation is 198- onwards. ULSI microprocessor based.


20. Microprocessor was introduced in which generation of computer ?

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