Govt confirms first death after Covid vaccination in India

By | June 15, 2021

The government panel that was studying vaccine side-effects has confirmed the death of a person following vaccination against the Covid-19 infection. A 68-year-old man died due to anaphylaxis after taking a coronavirus vaccine. India Today TV has accessed the report of the AEFI or serious adverse events following immunisation committee.

The government panel’s death assessment reported among the 31 serious adverse events after the vaccination against Covid-19 has confirmed that one person died due to anaphylaxis after taking a Covid vaccine.

Speaking with India Today TV, AEFI Chairperson Dr NK Arora confirmed a death following Covid-19 vaccination but refused to comment further.

The death assessment report shows that the 68-year-old received his vaccine shot on March 8, 2021, and died due to anaphylaxis. “It is the first death that we have seen in which the reason of death after an investigation was found to be anaphylaxis after vaccination,” Dr NK Arora, AEFI chairperson, said.

While three more deaths were found to be vaccine-related, the government panel has only confirmed the death of one person after the Covid vaccination.

The panel report, on the death of one person following Covid vaccination, said, “Vaccine product-related reactions are expected reactions that can be attributed to vaccination based on current scientific evidence. Examples of such reactions are allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, etc.”

The other anaphylaxis cases occurred in two persons in their early 20s who were administered vaccines on January 19 and 16. They both recovered after a brief stay in a hospital.

The committee has assessed 31 deaths. While 18 were classified as having ‘inconsistent causal association to vaccination (coincidental – not linked to vaccination), seven were classified as indeterminate and two cases were found to be unclassifiable’.

“Unclassifiable events are events which have been investigated but there is not enough evidence for assigning a diagnosis due to missing crucial information…..When this relevant information becomes available, the case may be reconsidered for causality assessment,” the AEFI committee report said.

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