Himachal Pradesh GK – himachal gk in hindi – HP GK 2020

Himachal Pradesh GK – himachal gk in hindi – hp gk 2020 read in hindi

  1. What is the state animal of Himachal Pradesh?
    a. Snow Leopard.
    B. Lion.
    C. Cheetah.
    D. Hyena

  2. Which is the state flower of Himachal Pradesh?
    a. Rohododendron.
    B. Rose.
    C. Lotus.
    D. Sunflower.

  3. Who was the first chairman of Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission?
    a. IC bowl.
    B. KS bowl.
    C. Jessie Malhotra.
    D. Anang Pal.

  4. Who was the first Vice Chancellor of Forestry and Horticulture University of Nauni?
    a. B. R. Sharma.
    B. M. R. Thakur.
    C. LR Verma
    D. RP Awasthi.

  5. In which district are the Bhrigu and Dushar lakes?
    a. Market.
    B. Shimla.
    C. Kullu.
    D. Kinnaur.

  6. Tourist Places In which district is Kasauli located?
    a. Shimla.
    B. Solan.
    C. Chamba
    D. Market.

  7. In which district does the famous Pass Sach come?
    a. Chamba.
    B. Kangra
    C. Market.
    D. Kullu.

  8. Who was the founder of the princely state of Trigarte?
    a. Susarma
    B. Sansar Chand
    C. Abhay Chand
    D. Ajmer Chand

  9. Who was the founder of the princely state of Nalagarh?
    a. Abhad Chand.
    B. Ajay Chand
    C. Veer Singh.
    D. Nek Chand.

  10. Sonitpur is the ancient name of which historical city?
    a. Nahan.
    B. Sarahan
    C. Kasauli
    D. Dalhousie

  11. Where is the famous Vishp Cotton School?
    a. Solan.
    B. Nahan.
    C. Shimla.
    D. Chamba.

  12. Where was the capital of Chamba state located in ancient times?
    a. Leather
    B. Satpura
    C. Brahmapura.
    D. Thrift

Himachal Pradesh GK 2020 Himachal Pradesh GK in Hindi – himachal gk in hindi

  1. Which valley in Himachal Pradesh is located in Mandi district?
    a. Balh Valley.
    B. Kangra Valley.
    C. Chamba Valley.
    D. Kullu Valley.

  2. Which of the following river does not belong to Shimla district?
    a. Sutlej River.
    B. Beas River.
    C. Pabbar River.
    D. Giri River.

  3. Where is the Ayurveda College located in the private sector in the state?
    a. Chamba
    B. Kangra
    C. Bilaspur.
    D. Hamirpur.

  4. The famous historian and writer Vipin Chand is related to which district of the state?
    a. From mandi
    B. From Kangra
    C. From Solan
    D. From Chamba

  5. Where is the State Disaster Management North Regional Institute located?
    a. Hamirpur.
    B. Soln.
    C. Bilaspur.
    D. Noorpur

  6. When was the Biodiversity Board established in Himachal Pradesh?
    a. in 2007.
    B. In 2009.
    C. in 2005.
    D. in 2008.

  7. Who was the first superintendent engineer of Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board?
    a. Saint Ram.
    B. Yadavanandan Malhotra.
    C. Only Krishna.
    D. Kishori Lal.

  8. Who established Naldehra Golf Course in the year 1905?
    a. Lord Hardinge
    B. Lord Mayo.
    C. Lord Netherlands.
    D. Lord Curzon.

  9. Chamba painting was born during which king?
    a. Child Bhadra.
    B. Bhuri Singh
    C. Pradat varman.
    D. Uday Singh.

  10. Who wrote the book “The Wonderland Himachal Pradesh”?
    a. Shanta Kumar.
    B. Jagmohan Blokhara.
    C. Gowardhan Singh.
    D. Ram Rahul

    Himachal Pradesh GK | Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge 2020 | HP GK 2020

  11. In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the “Jingjingbar Pass” located?
    a. In kelang.
    B. Pangi in
    C. In Kinnaur.
    D. In Chamba

  12. In which district of Himachal Pradesh does the “Markanda Khad” flow?
    a. Kangra
    B. Market.
    C. Sirmaur
    D. Soln.

  13. In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the “Mulgan Valley”?
    a. Kinnaur.
    B. Soln.
    C. Shimla.
    D. Market.

  14. In which tehsil of Mandi district is “Kamarunag lake” located?
    a. Jatog
    B. Chcot
    C. Sarkaghat
    D. Karsog.

  15. Where is the oldest manuscript found in Himachal Pradesh?
    a. Kinnaur.
    B. Kangra
    C. Soln.
    D. Lahul – Spiti.

  16. Which English officer settled the city of Shimla in the year 1819?
    a. Take Rosebelt.
    B. Lord Willigton.
    C. Henry Cunningham.
    D. Lord Canning.

  17.  In which place is the “Radha Ashtami Fair” organized?
    a. In Banikhet
    B. In Baner Chowk.
    C. In Manimahesh.
    D. In gasota.

  18. In which district of the state is the shooting of the famous film Taal?
    In A.Chamba
    B. In soln.
    C. In sirmaur
    D. In Kangra

  19. “Kufri Chipsana” is a variety of which vegetable?
    a. tomatoes.
    B. Cauliflower.
    C. potato.
    D. peas.

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