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Himachal Pradesh government is going to organize competitive examinations to fill many vacancies in the coming days, primarily from the Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk, Himachal Pradesh Allied Service and Panchayat Assistant! Keeping these exams in mind, we will post important questions related to your competitive examinations everyday! These questions can be of special benefit to you, so you can visit our website every day and write these questions, together we will also post daily current affairs!

Question 1. Rohilla waterfall is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: In Kullu district
Question 2. What is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Shilla
Question 3. When was the bully shot?
Answer: 1939
Question 4. In which district is the fair of “Baba Bandh Singh” organized?
Answer: In Una District
Question 5. What is the name of “fatu” related to?
Answer: From painting
Question 6. What was the percentage of female literacy in Himachal Pradesh in 1951?
Answer: 2 percent

Question 7. When was the installation of Municipal Corporation Shimla?
Answer: 1852
Question 8. In which district is shipy pass is situated?
Answer: In Kinnaur district
Question 9 In 1906, which king of Mandi made a court hall?
Answer: Bhavani Sen
Q. 10 What is the ‘Loosar‘ festival related to?
Answer: From the new year of Tibetans
Question 11. Is “Math” located in the “key”?
Answer: in Spiti
Question 12. How many years after the “Bhunda” festival of Niramand is celebrated?
Answer: After 12 years
Question 13. Shimla Which year was the summer capital of the English Raj?
Answer: 1864
Question 14. In ancient times, Kulu was headquartered?
Answer: Brahmapur
Question 15. What is the district of Himachal Pradesh in the Mulgon Valley?
Answer: In Kinnaur district

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hp general knowledge

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