हिमाचल के स्कूलों में लौटी रौनक, पहले दिन पहुंचे हजारों विद्यार्थी

Raunak returned to Himachal’s schools on Monday after nearly six months. During the Corona epidemic, thousands of students from ninth to twelfth grade arrived in the open schools on the first day after taking parents’ consent forms to seek guidance from the teachers. There was more enthusiasm among the students coming to school in rural areas than urban. Students arrived in most of the 2,798 high and senior secondary schools running in the state. In many schools, 20 to 25 students arrived while in some schools not a single student came on the first day.

In government schools, 50 percent of teachers and non-teachers also reported attendance. In addition to giving guidance to the students, the teachers monitored the online studies from the schools and also checked the papers of the first term examination which had ended in the past. Following the social distance, guidance was given to the students by sitting in classrooms or somewhere in the open campus in schools. Director of Higher Education, Dr. Amarjeet Kumar Sharma said that the exact figure of how many students came to take guidance on the first day of school opening on Monday, has been sought from the District Deputy Directors.
The response in many districts has been very good. Children are being given different time by the teachers to come to school. It is now mandatory for 50 percent teachers and non-teachers to visit schools and colleges daily. District Deputy Directors have been entrusted with the responsibility of following the SOP properly. A report has been sought from the in-charge about the problems faced on the first day of school opening on Monday. Now by September 30, similar schools will work.

Chances of holding regular classes from October
Regular classes of students from ninth to 12th grade are expected to start from October. Although the Center has closed schools for regular classes till 30 September, regular classes may also start from October if conditions remain normal in schools opened for students to seek guidance from 21 September.

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