रोज सैनिटाइज होंगे स्कूल, कोरोना बचाव जागरूकता के लगेंगे पोस्टर

Under the corona virus, open schools in the state will be sanitized daily. Awareness posters will be placed to protect against Corona. On Monday, the Directorate of Higher Education has also written a letter to all the district deputy directors to make the students coming to school aware about the corona infection. Students with symptoms of cold, cough and fever have also been appealed not to attend schools. Apart from this, it has been asked to follow social distance and also to run sanitation campaign in hostels.

Director of Higher Education Dr. Amarjeet Kumar Sharma said that the schools have been opened since Monday after about six months. Special cleanliness drives were conducted in schools on Saturday and Sunday. Now daily, after the school is closed, sanitization will be done. Complete arrangements have been made for soap and hand wash to wash hands in the premises. He has also asked the District Deputy Director to follow social distance in the premises. The director has asked the parents to send the children coming out of the school only by putting on masks.

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